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STEELTEC is a leading manufacturer and installer of canopies and fascia systems, exterior wall panels and signs for our customers in the petroleum marketing, convenience store and retail industries. All canopies are engineered to meet your site specifications, corporate image standards and code requirements. We can design and build canopies in any jurisdiction in the United States, including Dade County Florida. Custom designs and image requirements are never a problem.

STEELTEC is your source for any canopy, new or retrofit, with any corporate or other brand image. We have built canopies in almost every major corporate image as well as custom designs and unbranded canopies at fleet fueling locations. STEELTEC offers a single product source for design, engineering, fabrication and installation of canopies and fascia systems, exterior wall panels and signage. Our integrated designs bring consistent quality to canopies, building exteriors and signage.

STEELTEC provides the highest levels of quality and customer service. An Account Manager gives a single point of contact for all of your needs. Permit drawings are available at no extra charge. Contact us today and let STEELTEC work with you on your next job. Let us show you the difference service can make.