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       Wall Panels & Building Wraps


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See the standard CSI three part specification for Steeltec wall panels.




Wall Panels & Building Wraps

A STEELTEC exterior wall panel system will enhance the visibility, identity and appeal of any retail location by providing a consistent integrated image. STEELTEC has manufactured and installed exterior wall panel systems incorporating virtually every major corporate retail petroleum marketing image.

STEELTEC’s exterior wall panel systems are designed by our engineering department to meet local building requirements and to ensure structural integrity and performance. The pre-engineered exterior wall panel system is designed for fast and easy field installation. Permit drawings are available at no additional charge sealed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the state of your project.

All STEELTEC products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. Exterior wall panel systems are available in aluminum composite material (ACM) and powder-coated 18 gauge galvanized steel. The exterior wall panels are available in an infinite variety of colors and finishes.

See the related Three-part Specification for details.


Wall Panel & Building Wrap

  • STEELTEC manufactures exterior wall panel systems using ACM and powder-coated galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • An infinite variety of colors and finishes can be created to match design elements at any site and fit any corporate or custom image.
  • Exterior wall panels are pre-engineered for fast and easy field installation.
  • STEELTEC exterior wall panels provide an integrated and consistent image.

By incorporating the latest designs, using quality materials, applying current technology and manufacturing methods and insuring superior craftsmanship, STEELTEC products require low maintenance and provide a long life.